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Domestic Couples are couples who provide a range of household services, such as housekeeping, cooking, laundry and errand running. A domestic couple usually consists of two people who work as a team to manage the daytoday operations of a household, typically for an individual or family. They are often employed in private homes or estates, and may also be found in corporate and hospitality settings. A domestic couple can provide a variety of services, depending on the needs of the employer. Some couples specialize in taking care of the children, providing childcare and educational support, while others focus on housekeeping, cooking, laundry and other household duties. Some couples may provide services such as errand running, grocery shopping, gardening or pet care. Domestic couples are typically hired on a fulltime or parttime basis and may be responsible for managing the budget and staff of a household. They must be able to work independently, and must demonstrate excellent communication, organizational and problemsolving skills. Additionally, they must be able to adjust to different environments, as they may be required to work in different homes or in different countries. Domestic couples provide an invaluable service to those who need help with their everyday lives.

Nanny HouseKeeper Salary & Contracts 

National Placements
Live In – Net 2800€ to 3500€

International Placements
Live in – Upon Consultation

Contracts & Fees

The agency has a one off placement fee + tax.

The initial 30 days are considered the trail period. If during this time and given that the agency fee was paid on time,  for a valid reason you are not happy with your housekeepers  performance the agency has to place another housekeeper with no extra cost. You are entitled to one replacement. The employer will need to enter into a Portuguese staffing contract as by Portuguese law. Social Security plus accident insurance as well as 14 salaries per year..  We will send you all the information regarding contracts as well as social security. We will take care of all the paper work and bureaucracy for you.

House services also offers a monthly fee for the services if you want to hire through the agency.